Community Calendar

Key Technologies

  • JavaScript
  • CSS


Community Calendar is a tool for helping NPR stations promote local events. I designed and helped build it — and I made the video below to promote its adoption by stations.

Members of the public can submit events using a form that sends the details to station administrators. The administrators can modify and publish the event or contact the submitter with questions.

Once the event is published, it displays on the station's "Community Calendar" pages, where people can find it by date, category, or keyword search.

The Event Form

When creating the form, we needed to satisfy the needs of many different stations, so we built it to accommodate a wide-range of event-types regarding cost, recurrence, and venue. I created prototypes for exploring different interactions and UIs, and for doing user testing that guided our work. See an example prototype.

Form for submitting an event
Screenshot of part of the form for creating an event.

Event Listings

Events can be listed with various amounts of information, including description, image, map data, and more. Following are screenshots of event listings pages and individual event pages.