Websites and Digital Marketing Campaigns at Arnold Worldwide

An illustration I made for Arnold's Twitter page highlighted many of the agency's iconic brands.


I worked at Arnold Worldwide from 2005 to 2011, where I was created websites and digital ad campaigns for clients such as Progressive Insurance, RadioShack, Carnival Cruise Lines, and OceanSpray. We typically outsourced front end development work; however, I always worked closely with the developers, and I often built prototypes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Flash for demonstrating how I wanted interactions or interfaces to behave.

Following are brief descriptions of some of the projects I led.

Example Didja Ever? Campaign for Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line was a big player in their industry, and was well positioned as an affordable and fun-loving alternative to the competition. But the company knew there was room to grow.

Market research showed that most Americans had never been on a cruise, and many had negative preconceptions. Yet research also showed that first-time cruisers reported being happily surprised to discover their negative preconceptions were wrong and that they wanted to come back. In other words, if people could only be convinced to give it a try, most would become repeat cruise customers.

For this campaign, the brief asked us to come up with an idea to help Carnival reach new audiences and generate enthusiasm for the range of things one can do on a Carnival cruise. The campaign needed to work across a range of digital channels, including websites, social media, and as digital ads — with a particular focus on helping Carnival draw more Facebook followers. It would also run on TV, radio, and in print.

I helped come up with an idea based on achieving the goals on your life list. Most people enjoy thinking about the fun, zany, or adventurous things they want to do in life, so we created a campaign aimed at challenging people to get up do the things they’d always wanted to do.

We used the colloquialism, didja ever?, to stay true to the client’s brand qualities — friendly, approachable, non-pretentious — and, just as important, to prompt consumers with a question rather than an assertion.

I led work on the digital centerpiece of the campaign, a Facebook app for creating and sharing lists of activities people said they wanted to do — and for entering to win vacations aimed at doing those things. Of course, it was also full of ways for people to learn more about Carnival and the activities it offered.

I made wireframes, created a consistent visual system, and designed and made illustrations for the Facebook app’s main pages. I also designed many of the campaign’s other digital components — for social media,, and online ads.

Example Carnival Home Page

I helped redesign the Carnival homepage to accommodate large promotional imagery and to make it easier for people to jump directly into finding a cruise.

Example First Timer Cruisers

I created a mini-site for first-timers to learn about the cruising experience.